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Wall Fountains from Fine's Gallery

Water effects are a multi-sensory decor item. Beyond the visual elegance of placing a wall fountain along a hedge or against a wall, the auditory experience and mood that these fountains add to space are unmatched. At Fine's Gallery, you can select from a large number of styles to fit any aesthetic and space.

Choose from a Large Selection of Wall Fountain Styles

The wall fountains we offer can be customized to any style and design that fits your needs. The following are 2 examples of common choices our clients make. Choose a beautiful Antique marble, ideal for an area where you want to draw the eye to color. The contrast and boldness of Antique style are stunning. Consider an Old World French Countryside style wall fountain made from light beige travertine, the type you might find at a charming chateau in the heart of France.

Make It Your Own

We also offer a range of options outside of traditional stone. For example, you may wish to choose a bronze wall fountain for a location where there will be more metal finishes or a need for a stark structure. You can also select onyx wall fountains for a unique look and a bit of a modern contemporary flair.

From intricate bronze ocean themed wall fountains to stunning Italian villa style marble wall fountains, there are many ways to make these work for your space. Contact Fine's Gallery to create your own fountain.