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Italian Fireplace

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Italian Marble at Fine's Gallery

One of the most sought after types of stone for homes and businesses is Italian marble. At Fine's Gallery, we understand your desire for the very best quality marble available. There is something extraordinary and unique about the variety coming from Italy that makes it a timeless choice for many areas of the home or business. Our team works with you to craft beautiful fireplaces surrounds, fountains, columns, statues, planters, benches, tables and much more using this beautiful stone.

Creating Stunning Italian Marble Fireplaces

One of the best ways to use Italian marble is as a fireplace surround. We offer a wide range of styles using this stone. Consider using oversized Calacatta overmantels for large commercial spaces, or a beautiful Botticino Classico fireplace into a master suite at home, perhaps even the intricate and elegant veining of a Bianco Perlino marble fireplace in the heart of a living room.

Making it Specific to Your Needs

Our Italian marble fireplaces and mantels are designed to be customized. You can add the specific style of detailing right for any space. This includes ornate carvings of traditional scrolls, flourishes and figures or pronouncing visual direction by adding columns and arches.

One of the most important things you will find about all of the Italian marble available at Fine's Gallery is our attention to detail. Each piece is hand carved using masterful artistry and workmanship using the most exceptional quality of marble available.