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    Marble Statue - MS-1165    

    This stunning piece is carved from Verdi Nuvoloso marble combined with pure white marble. Black marble base sold seperately.

    Price: $7,995.00
    Dimensions:  H: 67" W: 19.75" D: 19.75"    View Colors1-866-860-1710

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    Marble & Onyx Statue/Urn - MS-1151    

    The description for this beautiful Marble Statue is not available at this time. If you require additional information for this product please call 1-866-860-1710 and talk with a sales representative at anytime.

    Price: $12,500.00
    Dimensions:  H: 47" W: 25.5" D: 23"    View Colors1-866-860-1710

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  • Antique Finish Marble Statue - MS-1110    

    Four seasons statue set. An antique gray marble acid washed for a very rustic feel. These are life size statues and includes four matching pedestals. The carving detail on these are outstanding including facial features and body proportions.

    Price: $27,500.00
    Dimensions:  H: 92" W: 26" D: 23"    View Colors1-866-860-1710

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  • Four Seasons Marble Statues - MS-670    

    These Four Seasons Marble Statues are highly detailed. Enjoy theexpert artistryused to design their life-like figures, clothed in the exquisite finery of uniquely colored marble. Set upon matching bases, a lovelyadditionto any estate.

    Price: $18,500.00
    Dimensions:  H: 60" W: 23" D: 12"    View Colors1-866-860-1710

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    Female Marble Statue - MS-1149    

    This highly detailed marble female statue or sculpture features several solid blocks of natural marble.

    Price: $9,500.00
    Dimensions:  H: 51" W: 38.5" D: 18"    View Colors1-866-860-1710

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  • Aphrodite at Rest - MS-152    

    This awe-inspiring masterpiece depicts Aphrodite reclining on a lounger with her son Cupid next to her. Her body is hand carved from a beautiful white marble and her dress carved from an amazingwarm tanmarble.

    Price: $7,500.00
    Dimensions:  H: 35" W: 65" D: 28"    View Colors1-866-860-1710

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  • Antique Calcium Female Lamp Pa - MS-1116    

    Hand carved from solid marble this european statue set is sold per piece, per pair or as a set of four. Contact the gallery for assistance today at 1.866.860.1710.

    Price: N/A
    Dimensions:  Call for all available sizes       View Colors1-866-860-1710

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  • Roman Maiden Vase - MS-134    

    The statue/urn pair depicts a Roman maiden holding a vase while resting upon a beautifully ornate base. The details in the sculpture give the piece a look of sophistication. All hand carved from a stunning solidwhite marble. Sold per piece.

    Price: $6,900.00
    Dimensions:  H: 46" W: 28" D: 28"    View Colors1-866-860-1710

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