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  • Les Femmes Marquise - MGZ-221    

    This gazebo is made of an intricately detailed white Carrara marble and adorned with six breathtaking muses. The roof is displayed with a rectangular wrought iron dome to create a Romanesque look and a pleasant outdoor retreat for social gatherings.

    Price: $36,000.00
    Dimensions:  H: 199" W: 100 in" D: 161 in"    View ColorsCall Us!

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  • Marble Dreamscape Gazebo - MGZ-270    

    Create a splendid dreamscape in your own back yard with this gorgeous marble pavilion. Sculpted from fine white marble, this architectural masterpiece features ornate Corinthian columns and elegant balustrades whose beauty will never fade.

    Price: $36,000.00
    Dimensions:  H: 112" W: 159" D: 159"    View ColorsCall Us!

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  • Ornato Italia Gazebo - MGZ-267    

    A gorgeous work of art! This beautiful and ornate gazebo has a stunning design full of hand carved marble artwork, magnificent female statue columns, and elegant balustrades. A majestic design you will never grow tired of, please call for assistance.

    Price: $35,000.00
    Dimensions:  H: 126" W: 122" D: 168"    View ColorsCall Us!

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    Cream Marble Gazebo - MGZ-256    

    This luxurious cream marble gazebo is a classical masterpiece. Several Corinthian columns set upon square pedestals support a circular architrave while balustrades and a marble platform add to its look of elegant grandeur. Please call for assistance.

    Price: $29,500.00
    Dimensions:  Call for all available sizes       View ColorsCall Us!

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  • White Marble Gazebo - MGZ-230    

    Imagine having the beauty of this sophisticated white marble gazebo in your own back yard. Meticulous floral designs and cherub heads adorn the gorgeous columns, all hand carved into our genuine Carrara marble. Call us today for complete customization.

    Price: $19,500.00
    Dimensions:  H: 175" W: 120" D: 120"    View ColorsCall Us!

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  • Rosetta Marble Gazebo - MGZ-235    

    You found it! This breathtaking gazebo features a stunning geometric design, fluted columns, several balusters, and our pretty, warm toned Rosetta marble. Call us today to discover all your options for creating marble luxury in your home and yard.

    Price: $17,900.00
    Dimensions:  H: 0" W: 96" D: 96"    View ColorsCall Us!

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  • Marble Gazebo - MGZ-223    

    A perfect treasure! This beautiful white marble gazebo is adorned with a fine detailed wrought iron top enclosure. Six detailed spiral columns are separated by marble bench seating, all designed in a circular shape. Available in any color marble you wish.

    Price: $17,500.00
    Dimensions:  H: 197" W: 100" D: 100"    View ColorsCall Us!

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  • Greek Maidens Marble Gazebo - MGZ-225    

    Six Greek maidens form the columns of this dazzling white Marble Gazebo with wrought iron top. Beautifully hand carved by our team of in-house experts, these statues are incredibly lifelike and flawless in detail. Call us today for personal assistance.

    Price: N/A
    Dimensions:  H: 199" W: 100" D: 100"    View ColorsCall Us!

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