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  • Bronze Statue of Lady Justice - BS-1296    

    Sculpted from an assortment of colorful bronze finishes, this beautiful statue represents the Roman goddess of justice. Lady Justice holds a sword, a balanced scale, and is blindfolded to show her power, fairness, and lack of prejudice.

    Price: $7,500.00
    Dimensions:  H: 84" W: 34" D: 34"    View Colors1-866-860-1710

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  • Asian Worker Bronze Statue - BS-1060    

    Sculpted from gold bronze, this beautiful statue can be customized in the scale you need. Smiling as he carries two buckets of water, the realistic beauty of this Asian man will make this a cherished piece of artwork to add to your surroundings.

    Price: N/A
    Dimensions:  Call for all available sizes       View Colors1-866-860-1710

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